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Plastic Free Package

全 球 獨 創  ·  零 塑 無 毒  ·  環 境 友 好

使用可回收的紙包裝、鋁管、軟管等環保材質,slapOn Beauty甚至採用全球獨創的零塑包材,是最新的綠色專利植物纖維材質,減少石化基塑膠對地球的殘害,做到無毒環保的永續發展。我們在每個使用此包材的零件或產品上,都會標上“零塑章plastic free mark”,方便消費者的辨認。

In addition to using recyclable paper packaging, aluminum tubes, sugarcane tubes and other eco-friendly materials, we use the world's original plastic free packaging (P.F.P), the latest green patented materials that are far less harmful to our living environment, to reduce the damage of petrochemical-based plastics to the earth. In this way, slapOn achieves sustainable development of non-toxic and environmental protection. We will mark "plastic free mark" on each component of item or product that uses this green material to facilitate consumers' identification.

Fruits and Nuts


 slapOn beauty


P.F.P, the plant-based which are made of natural harvest waste such as rice husk, and green tea, will not produce bad smoke or dioxins like plastic or other petroleum products while burning. Also, the ashes can be used as fertilizer after burning. P.F.P contains zero plastic elements, heavy metals, or polymers. 



Thus, PFP is able to reduce carbon emission to achieve the goal of the circular economy. The decision aligns with slapOn's value to take responsibility towards our socials and environment and satisfies the future trend for sustainable concept and environmentally conscious products.







PFP Certification

 零 塑 包 材 認 證 證 書

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